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  • Monday night coaching

    Here are the coaching sessions for the next few months:

    6th Feb - Jude
    20th March - Brian
    3rd April - Jude
    15 May - Jude
    5th June - Brommers 5k 1
    19th June - Brommers 5k 2
    26 June - Jude
    17th July - Brommers 5k 3
    24 July - Jude
    21 August - Jude
    11 Sept - Jude

    In addition to these dates, there may well also be hill session alternatives on some Monday nights and guest coaching on occasional Thursday nights from Waitrose as well.

  • Park Run dates and locations 2017

    Norfolk Gazelles take part in many Park Runs across the county, being such a friendly club we also target Park Runs so that we can meet up and enjoy a post run coffee and cake. In some cases there is an option for a bike ride or an open water swim, all are welcome to join us, Whilst not an official race we do wear Norfolk Gazelle running tops.

    January 21st - Lowestoft

    February 18th - Catton

    March 18th - Blickling with a bike ride

    April 29th - Gorleston

    May 20th - Mulbarton with a bike ride

    June 24th - Fritton with bike ride - Note change from original plan to swim in the lake

    July 15th - Catton, to celebrate Julie London's 50 Park Runs (on being 50!)

    July 22nd Special Request for Blicking to support David Tuthill and Chris Morley with Chris's attempt to complete a 5k everyday for 365 days in aid of Cardiomyopathy UK

    August 19th - Brundall with a bike ride

    September 23rd - Holkham with a bike ride

    October 21st - Kings Lynn

    November 18th - Sheringham

    December usually Saturday before Christmas decided nearer the time

    Dates are subject to change, any changes will be notified in advance.

Race news

  • Wroxham 5K Series, Race 2 - 14th June

    Another good outing for the Gazelles at the second of the Wroxham 5K series, where 30 Gazelles ran. Helen Mian and Anne Ellen once again scooped age category wins in the F45-49 and F60-64 categories, with Louise Hurr second in the F50-54 category. John Moore won the M55-59 group with Nigel Arnold second, and Tobias Arnup and Peter Thompson were 2nd and 3rd respectively in the M60-64 group.
    Results ... Top of page

  • Breckland 10km - 1st May

    Breckland 10km is without doubt one of the friendliest local races – ideal conditions and a flattish course (apart from that long slow drag at the start, anyway...) on Monday 1 May meant we saw some amazing times from some of the herd.

    Sam Thelwell flew around in 39m58s, his first sub-40 10km and a fantastic 17th overall. Steve Cook came home in 44m20s, followed closely by Steve Sadd in 44m25s and then Lee Oxbury in 47m01s. Huge cheers to boss Gazelle Sam Barwick, who – paced by Jason Brunt – finished in an outstanding 51m12s, annoyingly four seconds off her PB, though! Beth King (paced by Pete Thompson) ran 52m22s, and Imogen Lees was 20 seconds down the road in 52m42s. Nigel Bullen completed the picture in 57m03s.

    (Imogen Lees)

    Full Breckland 10km 2017 results here ... Top of page

  • GEAR 10k - 30th April

    The GEAR 10k in Kings Lynn attracted a sold-out entry of 2,500 runners, including three Gazelles. The weather conditions - apart from a pretty strong breeze - were almost perfect, but the packed field made it difficult to pass runners through the town centre section. As is often the case in races with large fields, people had started with over optimistic expectations, which was slightly was the sub-45 pacemaker with his flag, who I had the misfortune to be following. With all the roads closed to traffic, the organisers had allowed headphones to be worn - something I'm personally not keen on. However, these small gripes aside, the course was extremely well-marshalled, flat and fast. Although the twists and turns were tight in places, the crowd support on the sections through the town was fantastic and certainly spurred you on as you went through the start and between 8-9km before looping back to a slight downhill fast 400m in the main square (the Tuesday marketplace).

    For probably the only time, I (Mark Thorpe) was first Gazelle in 44.07, followed by Graham Hardingham in 49.54, closely followed by Tim Woods in 50.05. It's definitely a race I would recommend, both for PB-chasers and equally for those wanting to run maybe their first 10k.
    (Mark Thorpe)
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  • GYRR 5m series, race 1 - 26th April

    The first race of the GYRR 5m series saw a large turnout from the club, most notably Lisa Netto, completing her 40th race in her 40th year challenge - well done Lisa! The day started with a morning of heavy showers and strong winds, which I'm sure filled everyone with massive enthusiasm for the race in the evening. However, by the 7.15pm start, the seafront was remarkably calm and reasonably good conditions prevailed for the duration of the race itself. The course is a pretty flat two-lap loop along the promenade and back along the seafront, with a deceptively long finishing straight - it was very easy to kick too soon for that finishing spurt!

    Despite a niggling injury, John Moore led the herd home in 29.12, followed by the battle of the London Marathoners, Phil Whiting and Jason Brunt, who were separated by a mere five seconds, Phil coming home in 31.56 (pretty remarkable only three days after London). Pete Thompson and Les Hill were the next two Gazelles, before Steve Sadd and Dudley Garner gave the crowd a grandstand sprint finish, Steve coming out on top by two seconds in 35.46... followed by myself in 36.52 (don't ask). Amelia Whiting was first female Gazelle home in 37.13, closely followed by Kate Head and the brilliant Anne Ellen. Well done to all the rest of the herd, too.  (Mark Thorpe)
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  • London Marathon - 23rd April

    So London had been a long time coming. When I was 11 I went to London to watch my Dad run it for the first time, never daring to dream that one day I'd be able to run it. I'd then started applying to enter when I was in my early 20's. Despite numerous entries into the ballot I was never successful. Then, in April 2016 I managed to record a good for age qualifying time: we were going to London!! I was building the weekend of the race up in my mind: recreating a family adventure of my childhood, eventually being able to race this iconic race, having a good rack at a sub 3 marathon and retracing Dads footsteps 30ish years on.

    However the day started relatively normally, up early porridge, kit on, travel to the start (albeit by ferry down the Thames, with Peter Rice). Even the start seemed a bit normal : congregate with other runners near the start, trying to chill out whilst nipping to the loo every 20 minutes. With 10 minutes to go Jason Brunt turned up and we exchanged a bit of banter whilst queuing for the loo one final time. Then it was time to gather in our starting pen, I was just getting into my zone when I heard someone shout "Whiting". I turned around to see Ali Robinson weaving his way towards me. This still all seemed relatively normal, just like one of the bigger local races, standing waiting to start with my fellow Gazelles.
    Then we were off.
    We'd agreed that we would all run at 3hour pace, Ali knowing he'd have to drop at some point as he hadn't done the miles, Jason hoping he could hang on long enough to nail a pb, and me hoping to get to the end and get that finish time starting with a 2.
    Jason, being Jason, did his own thing:at first he was ahead of us then behind, then ahead, his pacing seemed erratic, but he explained later he was just trying to keep his effort consistent throughout the rolling ups and downs of the first few miles. Ali and I ran shoulder to shoulder, for the first 17 miles, each monitoring pace and either holding us back or pushing us on when needed. With familiar faces nearby it could've been any local race. However, that's where any similarity to a local race ended. We were on the streets of London, racing the London marathon! The crowds were epic! I can hardly remember a point where the streets weren't lined with cheering, smiling happy faces, willing the runners on. At the first water station I picked up some water, I had planned to drink Lucozade all the way round (3 x 375ml) bottles a tried and tested formula!), but it was warm and thought a few sips of water might not be a bad idea, so grabbed some water took a few sips, poured some over my head and then thought it would be fun to squirt the rest at Ali!and so our little game began: over the course of the race we squirted loads of people: each other, fellow runners, children at the side of the road, quite possibly the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, definitely our own Royal couple: Steve and Julie ( and the woman behind them!). It was a great way to amuse ourselves as the miles ticked by. I don't remember too many sights along the route: Cutty Sark yes, Tower Bridge yes, anything It was great to see Gazelles along the route cheering for us, and gave me a great boost. Andrew Hammond first, then team Whiting at 10 miles, Sam Barwick at 13 ( I saw her St the last second, just as we'd passed so she had to chase me down the road with the bag of vegan sweets, bought specially, I kept my pace up just to keep her chasing down the street dodging trees and lampposts as she went!), also Steve and Julie at 11/12 and plenty of others along the route including other local running clubs. Thank you all if you there, it gave me a huge boost to hear my name. 
    Ali dropped off the pace at 17 miles, as he'd predicted the lack of training miles was taking its toll. At this point I was bang on pace, feeling fatigued but okay. I think this is where it started to go wrong!! For the next 3 miles I ran 15-20seconds quicker per mile than target, and it seems that that extra effort soon tired me out, because by 20 miles the wheels were starting to come off! At 21 miles I was overtaken by the 3 hour pacer, by 22 miles I could barely see him. It was getting hard work now! It's hard to keep a focus when you're tired, impossible to keep pushing on. I kept doing the maths in my head to see if it was possible to hit my target time. Trying to convince myself I could knock out a 6 minute last mile! And then realising there would still be 400 yards further to go...
    At 25 miles, fellow ultra runner Paul Ali ( dressed as Hulk Hogan!) caught me up, and I managed to keep pace with him for a while, but then I couldn't even do that. As I turned into the Mall I just wanted it over, I'd missed my sub 3 target by a few minutes, a new phone was also ebbing away (eventually finishing 10 seconds slower), the only target left now was to beat Jason!! Fortunately for me I had at least managed that.
    I crossed the line and collected my medal and sat down in a mildly disgruntled state. The only thing I don't like about big city marathons, is not being able to see friends and family immediately upon crossing the finish line. It took me a while to pull myself together, congratulate myself on my second fastest marathon, and hobble off to find Team Whiting and celebratory hugs!
    As we made our way back to the hotel we crossed the route a few times and saw some of the runners 4.5 hours in, at mile 17. I found this quite humbling, a lot of these runners were digging deep, pushing themselves to their physical and mental limits with a long way to go. I could see from their running vests that they were running for charity, putting themselves through hell to raise some much needed money for charity. It made my quest for a new better time seem quite selfish.
    The marathon is a great distance to run, and London is a very special marathon to race. I thoroughly enjoyed the day, and plan to come back and run a bit quicker. I'd also like to come back and run a little slower, so I could savour the experience as well. London for me was a long time coming, and it did not let me down. A great day and happy memories.
    (Phil Whiting)

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  • Paris Marathon - 9th April

    Paris marathon weekend began on Saturday morning in blazing sunshine with a strong performance from international junior Gazelle Becca Lees, coming home first female in "Pitch Marathoons" 1.2km race. Her big sister and said big sister's best mate took a slightly less competitive approach to their 2.2km event...

    Then on Sunday it was the marathon itself. I tried to replicate my success at Wymondham but the wheels well and truly fell off at the half. I seriously could have walked off at that point but the kids were cheering there so I couldn't. It was bloody hot... I've never run in that kind of blazing heat. Paris is beautiful but realising you've got loads of kms to run is not. The course is flattish, which is nice, and the start in waves is much easier than London, although you get a weird feeling you're on your own..... The crowds aren't as enthusiastic as London either...but if you like oompah bands playing 1980s pop hits this is the race for you!! Also there's a lot of fibbing on bib times so I overtook loads of people who had lined up at 3hr45 or 4h00. The heat. Did I mention the sunshine? The sights. Oooh. The last few kms through a park were full of dispirited walking runners... mind you, the family saw three runners on the tube who had given up! Anyway, I scraped in under four and a half (4.26 on the dot) which was a bit of a surprise. I then drank lots of booze and ate meats and cheeses. (Imogen Lees)
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  • Brighton Marathon - 9th April

    "13 degrees" they said, "They'll be a sea breeze" they said. 25/6 degrees in full sun, no breeze at all! But still 6 Gazelles made the journey to the Costa del Brighton for this, very picturesque, marathon. Lining up on Preston Park the race plan was scrapped as it became apparent that this would be a scorcher. The first third of the race loops around the city centre, which is fantastic for friends and family as they can see you many times. I'd forgotten how pretty the Brighton Pavilion is! 

    We then take a trek out to "posh school" Rodene where I quietly shouted to fellow Gazelle Tim as he was on his way back into town. You then loop through the city centre again before a double back down a residential area with fantastic support. Thank you to Brighton council for setting up extra water stations and showers because at this point the sun was really beating down.
    The final lap out to the power station was not as bad as I'd been told and the run down the front to the finish was filled with cheering support. Jeremy Rogers came home in an unbelievable 2.47 with Tim Sexton, 3.30. Emma Jay and Marianne Page, running their first marathons came home in 3.51 and 3.53 respectably, awesome work ladies. Elvis (Mark Fitch) and I had seen each other all the way round (and indeed plan to run together next year!) and finished in 4.38 and 4.54.
    How would I sum up this marathon? Hot, sunny, hard but joyful. 20 minutes at the finish with St Johns (thank you for picking me up off the floor guys!!) has not dispirited me and yes, I'll be back next year.
    (Sam Barwick)
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  • Norwich Half Marathon - 9th April

    "New York, London, Paris, Munich," as the song goes..... well, Brighton, Paris, Lowestoft, Norwich. It seemed Gazelles were everywhere over the weekend. The herd's biggest turnout was at the Norwich half, where 18 runners joined the throng of more than 2,000 starters at the Norfolk Showground - plus many others offering moral support around the course.

    The field seemed to stay remarkably compact as the first few miles rolled along, with decent crowds of local residents offering encouragement, along with the marshals. By this time, the sun was glowing nearly as brightly as the fields of oilseed rape alongside the country lanes. There was little (or no) shade, and the rising temperatures- along with the more undulating nature of the second half of the course - began to take its toll on many of the less seasoned runners.
    What we'll call "the Whiting water station" was found between miles 9 and 10: if you were a Gazelle and you stopped for a drink, you were. Promptly soaked and told to get moving as you were in a race! (unless of course Phil just picked on me for a beating...) Further on, a kindly soul provided respite via a sprinkler on a hosepipe - possibly the highlight of the race for me.
    Onward and into Marlingford, and just when the end was starting to feel in sight, there was THE HILL. I passed many a broken runner on the way up before the cruel glory lap of the Showground.
    There were some great performances by Gazelles: John Moore and Carol Betts were both first in their age groups, and Lou Hurr and Andrew Hammond were both second in their age groups.
    A special mention for Dudley Garner, who - despite falling foul of the aforementioned oilseed rape and spending 10 minutes in an ambulance - soldiered on and finished the course with the help of Peter Rice... another example of the great Gazelles camaraderie.
    (Mark Thorpe)
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  • Wymondham 20 - 26th March

    I had entered the Wymondham 20-mile race rather on a whim, having seen that there was a special award for completing every race in the Leathes Prior Grand Prix series (it seemed a good idea at the time). A couple of weeks prior to Sunday's slog, I'd run a rather sketchy Broadland Half Marathon, blowing up at 11 miles though managing a respectable 1h44m, so it was with some trepidation that I made my way to Wymondham, hoping to complete in less than three hours.

    One of the best things about being a Gazelle is the great advice from the guys who run at the head of affairs. Having listened intently to Michael Eccles' advice - to save plenty for the last five miles - I took my place on the start line....once we made way for a bus to drive slowly past. Phil Whiting joined me, as he was using the event as a training run for his niggling hamstring. As the elite runners disappeared over the horizon of rolling, undulating Norfolk countryside, so did the first few miles, interspersed by idle chitchat and the occasional glance behind to check that all was well with the ladies a little way back down the road. Approaching seven miles, the familiar figure of Andrew Hammond joined us.
    A pit stop with jelly babies handed out by club chairman Sam Barwick in Morley village - complete with spectators ringing cowbells - helped to spur me on (despite Phil's complaint about the lack of a vegan option in the sweets department). We carried on through 10-13 where, at a feeding station, three became four: Chris Moore awaited us, having tweaked a muscle along the way. By now, my jovial demeanour ( along with my ability to hold any kind of meaningful conversation) had disappeared, just like those elite runners earlier. At mile 15, we spotted Rob Grant-Parke cheering us on and snapping photos: by one, my legs were beginning to disobey my brain's strict instructions to place one in front of the other. For the next three miles, I vaguely recollect a "good cop, bad cop" scenario: the good cop being Chris and the bad cop being Phil, as countless times, like a petulant child, I professed no desire to continue.andrew obviously felt sorry for me and started to struggle also, though somewhat less vocally...
    I've no idea how we managed to finish our first 20-mile race; it's all down to the power of the herd. The camaraderie at the finish was just fantastic, along with the times achieved by everyone. I woke up on Monday feeling not only like a proper Gazelle but also a proper runner...oh, and I beat three hours by nearly nine minutes- not that it seemed to matter: we were all winners.  (Mark Thorpe)
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  • Thorpe Forest 10k trail series (Race two) - 12th March

    To Thetford Forest, where a combination of the stillness of the landscape and the deliberately small field (owing to car-parking restrictions at race HQ) occasionally made runners feel like they were alone in the woods!

    Sam Barwick and Imogen Lees took part in this friendly and really enjoyable race, on flattish but tough terrain (let's not talk about the fifth kilometre). Imogen was fifth lady home ( and second in age group) in 53.56, and Sam was 11th lady home (and second in age group) in 58.10.
    The third of the trail series is on 7 May - same day as Dereham 10. It's sold out, but there's a waiting list.
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  • Cambridge Half - 5th March

    If Cambridge is the home of science, then we're all thrilled to have been part of the experiment about how many runners would still willingly take on 13.1 miles when the start line was so shiveringly cold and wet that we all wanted to secretly go home and eat toast.

    Anyway, a huge herd of 25 of yer finest Gazelles braved the unpleasant weather for this year's Cambridge Half. On the catwalk we saw the latest collection from Wheelybinbags R Us, and during the first couple of miles, we all did the "can I get past the runner in front?" jog. Unless you're Mike Eccles, of course, who shot off and came home a magnificent second in 1h09m48s - PB.
    First Gazelle lady home was Rowena Leary, in an amazing 1.29m01s.
    The Cambridge Half is undoubtedly a beautiful course - although those of us of a certain age spent the mile or so through Grantchester wondering which was Jeffrey Archer's house - despite some congestion around the narrow streets of the city centre. And there were some tremendous times from the herd. Here are the results in full...

    Mike Eccles (1.09.48), John Moore (1.22.06), Phil Whiting (1.26.17 - PB), Olly Jones (1.26.26), Tim Sexton (1.27.29), Sam Thelwell (1.28.30  - PB), Rowena Leary (1.29.01), Katherine Trehane (1.32.44), Steve Sadd (1.33.49), Ady "Dark Lord" Waters, (1.35.15), Helen Mian (1.36.01), Ian Coxhead (1.38.57), Dudley "where's my bag? Garner (1.43.32), Tim Woods, (1.43.38), Andrew Hammond (1.46.56)  - and brilliant supporting of the herd, Amelia Whiting (1.51.55. - PB), Maria "4 gels, no sleep till Wednesday" Hughes (1.53.59-PB), Imogen "Moggy" Lees (1.54.24), Beth King (1.57.03), Sam "shorts are absolutely fine in a howling gale" Barwick (1.58.27), Lisa "32 out of 40" Netto (2.01.04), Carol "Gin at home" Cooper (2.02.30), Julie "Dubai" London (2.24.02), Carol "lovely to see you back" Baker (2.29.54), Mimi "purple legs" Waters (2.29.55).
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  • Tarpley 10/20 - 26th February

    "Gently undulating" they said, "beautiful countryside" they said. True it was beautiful but they forgot to mention the gale force winds, and when does undulating change to hilly or indeed mountainous. The clue was the receiving of crampons along with your race number and chip!

    Despite this 5 intrepid Gazelles took on the challenge, all thinking it was a good idea for a training run, how foolish.
    Peter Rice, in preparation for VLM, ran the 10 mile course in 1.31 while Mike Eccles finished 5th in the 20 miler in a time of 2.02.04. (He was jogging!!!) Next home in the longer race was Jason Brunt in 2.24.49, closely followed by Rowena Leary, 2.29.07, finishing 3rd lady; excellent work Rowena. After a blink of an eye Sam Barwick came in ably helped by new friend Steve the Sudbury Jogger, 3.25.28. 
    Think long and hard fellow Gazelles before signing up to this bad boy!!!
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  • Valentine 10k - 19th February

    A fantastic 517 finishers gave this year's Valentine 10k its biggest field yet, and with the help of so many of the herd we managed to stage a successful and smoothly organised race. Thanks so much to all the Gazelles (and their families and friends and children) who turned up at Easton College to don the hi-vis and marshal, look after kids, organise the car park, (wo) man the water station, stop traffic using only panicky hand signals, answer runners' questions, take brilliant photos, check in bags, de-chip dirty shoes, point to toilets and generally make sure this year's event was a triumph. Runners from "other clubs" have even congratulated us on our staging of the no pressure for the Alex Moore Relay on 11June, then.......

    A few Gazelles actually ran the race - Mike Eccles even managed to win the flipping thing in a jaw-dropping 32.31s. Oliver Jones came home in 39m08s, Jason Brunt in 40m58s and Tobias Arnup in 42m04s. Our First Lady home was the unflappable Helen Mian in 43m18s, who  unshockingly also won her age group. Then came Mark Thorpe in 43m44s - knocking 1m10s off his PB in the process -followed by Dudley Garner in 45m17s, Martin Doherty in 45m52s, Anne Ellen in 47m 11s (winning her age group...again, no surprises there; nice work Anne), Lisa Netto in 53m19s (race 31 of her 40-race challenge, stats fans) and Theresa Cornish (in her first race as a Gazelle-welcome to the herd, Theresa) in 1hr11m35s.
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  • Freethorpe 10 - 29th January

    January wouldn't be January without the Freethorpe 10: what better way to spend the last Sunday of the month than racing 10 miles around country roads near Acle? It's a lovely course (despite the "surprise" hill just near Reedham) featuring ups and downs, waterside views, fabulous Norfolk panoramas and of course "the psychologically disturbing corner of misery" when Humpty Dumpty 10k veterans temporarily forget they're supposed to turn right instead of left.

    A fantastic herd of more than 30 Gazelles turned out on this cold but dry Sunday, and first home was Michael Eccles, coming in third overall in a superb 51.56. Up at the top of the field, we also had Jeremy Rogers (58.26), John Moore (1.00.50), Nigel Arnold (1.03.42), Sam Thelwell (1.05.20) and our First Lady home was Rowena Leary in a stonking 1.06.44. Then in came Jason Brunt (1.07.43), Chris Moore (1.10.03), Helen Mian (1.11.24), Andrew Hammond (1.16.05), Mark "Gazelle of the Month" Thorpe (1.16.39), PB, Emma Jay, (1.18.11) PB, Nick Ross (1.18.18), Steve Sadd (1.18.52), Anne Ellen (1.19.02), PB, Kate Head (1.19.12), PB, Tim Woods, (1.19.50), Lou Hurr (1.20.09), Maz Page(1.20.48), PB, Dan Jones (1.24.13), PB, Imogen "Moggy" Lees (1.25.09), Lisa Netto (1.26.04), Maria Hughes (1.27.21) PB, Hannah Monteverde (1.27.57), Sam Barwick (1.28.01), Nigel Bullen (1.30.09), Carol "super" Cooper (1.32.30), Sue Moore (1.35.26) and Sarah Knapp (1.41.40).
    Not all Gazelles were racing: Julie London, Beccy Parke, Karen Rix and Steve Corbould stepped up and took on marshalling duties, while our top snapper Ian Edwards was on duty with his camera.
    Nice work, Gazelles.
    Full Freethorpe 10 2017 results here ... Top of page

  • Shouldham Warren Cross Country - 11th January

    This beautiful forest setting hosted race 5 in the cross country league. Our usual band of hardy gazelles again did the club proud. Anne Ellen, Carol Betts and Beth King leading for the ladies with Steve Rolfe, Tobias Arnup, Pete Thompson and Andrew Hammond recording excellent results for the men. 

    Individual and team prizes could be in the offing!
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  • Reepham Cross Country - 8th January

    It's easy for runners to get bogged down worrying about times and PBs and medals - the Reepham winter XC is the perfect antidote: many participants leave their watches at home and get bogged down in actual mud instead.

    Six Gazelles were among the 170+ runners taking on Reepham Runners' annual winter XC, on a hilariously muddy 10km -ish course featuring stinking thigh-deep bogs, river jumps, farmers' fields and bits of Marriotts Way (which seemed quite tame in comparison.) The atmosphere was superb - perhaps because all race proceeds went to Nelson's Journey, or maybe because the challenging course, absence of timing chips and number of runners helping each other along made all the participants much less stressed.
    Pete Thompson was first Gazelle home in 47.49, followed by Mark Thorpe, making his debut in a Gazelle vest (very few other runs are as muddy as this, honest Mark) in 49.06. Steve Corbould came home in 55.16, Imogen "Moggy" Lees in 58.34, Lisa Netto in 59.47 and Sam Barwick, grinning from ear to ear all round - we think she quite likes mud - in 1.00.42.

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  • Enigma Marathons, Milton Keynes - 7th January

    The enigmatic Phil Whiting took on this back-to-back marathon challenge. On day 1 he completed the 26.2 in 3.18hrs finishing 3rd.  (Apparently a sprint finish: how after a full marathon!) Day 2 saw him come home in 3.29hrs securing 2nd place. 

    Some say crazy....
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  • Wymondham 10k - 2nd January

    An impressive herd of 18 Gazelles turned out on a crisp winter morning under big blue Norfolk skies for the Wymondham 10km, moved from its traditional New Year's Day slot to 2 January (because only complete nutters go running on New Year's Day... See marathon report below.)

    With 672 runners crammed into a narrow country lane, the start was packed, although Jason Brunt - on a recovery run from the Flitch Trail Marathon - gallantly (ahem) began at the back of the field. The race itself was delayed 15 minutes because of ice on the route; however, race conditions were excellent (apart from that hill at 9km, anyway) and Michael Eccles came home first overall in an outstanding 31.46.
    Mike wasn't the only Gazelle on top form: there were age group winners for Jeremy Rogers (35.57), Dale Hurran (37.53) and Helen Mian (42.58). The rest of the herd came home like this: Ali Robinson (36.28), Chris Moore (42.22), Pete Thompson (45.15), Nick Ross (47.03), Dudley Garner (47.18), Anne Ellen (48.26), Carol Betts (49.35), Les Hill (49.10), Emily Smith (50.16 - PB by 6 mins!), Jason Brunt (50.29), Peter Rice (50.45), Lisa Netto (52.24), Imogen Lees (52.45), Sue Moore (55.55).
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  • Flitch Way Trail Marathon - 1st January

    4 Gazelles travelled to Braintree to welcome in the New Year with a jolly trail marathon. The course is an out and back and contained, mud, mud,  more mud and a steep hill to finish. Just over distance at 27 miles Jason Brunt came in 2nd in 3.17.20 with Phil Whiting in 5th, 3.31.25 although he was 1st vegan across the line. Sam Barwick and Nigel Bullen broke the 5 hr barrier with 4.58.32 which was a 57 min trail pb for Sam with Nigel being 2nd in his age category and 1st Great Grandad across the line! Read Nigel's account of the race in the next Gazelles newsletter.

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  • Boxing Day Groggy Doggy - 26th December

    Ever fancied racing off the excess of Christmas Day? - then this is race for you! 2 laps of a fairly flat cross country course see you through a shallow river and a fair amount of mud. First home for Gazelles was Pete Thompson 39.23, then Steve Cook, 39.34, followed by Andrew Hammond, 41.44, Les Hill, 42.12, Dudley Garner, 44.03 and Lisa Netto, 46.10. Top of page

  • Barcelona 24hour Race - 17th December

    Ian Thomas again proved that he is one of the finest ultra runners in the country by completing 218.4km in this 24 hour race. He was 6th overall and 4th male. This result qualifies Ian for Spartathon again!! Top of page

  • Whitwell Cross Country - 14th December

    The latest race in the cross country league saw 9 brave Gazelles trek through the mud and water of this Reepham based course. Anne Ellen, Carol Betts and Beth King ( welcome to the joy of cross country Beth!) represented the ladies while Steve Rolfe, Tobias Arnup (welcome to Gazelles!), Pete Thompson, Andrew Hammond, Tim Woods and Graham Hardingham represented the men. We have two teams in both the male and female leagues. Top of page

  • Oxford Cross-Country - 10th December

    Three Gazelles went to the southern area cross country championship in Oxford on Saturday 10th Dec. In the 60-64 age group Steve Rolfe finished 3rd in a time of 38.04, Pete Thompson was 19th in a time of 42.56 and Andrew Hammond finished 27th in a time of 45.48. Together as a team Gazelles finished 4th in the M60+ age group.

    Top of page

  • Richmond Park 10K - 10th December

    John Moore ran the off-road Richmond Park 10K, finishing 4th overall in a time of 39:18.
    Results ... Top of page

  • County Cross Country Championships - 4th December

    A strong field of Gazelles travelled to Thetford for this year's Cross Country Championships. Not fazed by the dropping temperatures we again came out with many personal and team prizes. Michael Eccles gained Silver in the Senior Men with Steve Sadd and Pete Thompson gaining Bronze in their respective age groups. Steve Rolfe, Kevin Youngs and Anne Ellen claimed Gold and were County Champions.

    Team prizes were for Men's Masters 55+ (Bronze) for Steve Rolfe, Kevin Youngs and Steve Sadd, Ladies Masters 35-44 (Silver) for Kate Head (1st Lady Gazelle home and first race as a Gazelle!), Amelia Whiting and Marianne Page.
    Other Gazelles running were Lisa (40 challenge) Netto, Maron Duvendack, first race as a Gazelle, Carol Cooper, Sam Thelwell, Andrew Hammond and Dudley Garner.
    Fantastic effort everyone.

    Top of page

  • Bedford Half Marathon - 4th December

    Two Gazelles travelled to this flat, fast course. Despite the cold weather Json Brunt came home in 1.27, closely followed by the new Vice-Chair Phil Whiting in 1.30.

    Well done guys.
    Top of page

  • Rag-it-round Repps - 27th November

    “Rag-it-round Repps” was 10.7(ish)km of cross-country on a bright, cold November morning, taking in fields (right across the plough-marks in some cases), forest and the glorious scenery – spot the windmills – of the path along the edge of the River Thurne. There were 3 Gazelles out of 130 finishers - first home was Katherine Trehane in 48:18, followed by Imogen Lees (59:57) and Emma O'Kelly (1:22:44).
    Top of page

  • "Rag-it-round-Repps" - 27th November

    "Rag-it-round Repps" was a 10.7(ish) km of cross-country on a bright, cold November morning, taking in fields (right across the plough - marks in some cases), forest and the glorious scenery - spot the windmills - of the path along the edge of the River Thurne. 3 gazelles raced out of a field of 130. Katherine Trehane came in with 48.18, Imogen Lees 59.46 and Emma O'Kelly 01.22. Top of page

  • Hadleigh 10 Miler - 20th November

    On a very wet and windy Sunday two intrepid Gazelles took on this hilly two lap course. Pete Thompson was first in in 1.21 with Lisa Netto completing the course in 1.30. Another race towards her 40 race challenge! Top of page

  • Ryston Runners Cross Country, Race 2 - 13th November

    Located in the beautiful Shouldham Warren forest this race of 9k saw runners challenged by a range of off-road obstacles. First home wasPete Thompson (39.39), then Andrew Hammond (40.48). Tim Woods was next home in 42.21 closely follow end by Lisa Netto 46.52, Sam Barwick, 46.53 and Nigel Bullen, 50.19.

    A wonderful race... Look out for the next in the series.
    Top of page

  • Bure Valley 10 Miler - 6th November

    12 Gazelles braved the horizontal rain and gales in this new addition to the race calendar. Ali Robinson was first Gazelle home (1.00.40) followed by Sam Thelwell (1.08.00) Helen Mian was 2nd lady home ( 1.12.45) whilst PBs abounded for Louise Hurr, Justine Davenport and Sarah Knapp. Well done to all in difficult conditions. Top of page

  • Trowse 10k - 31st October

    Running in this race with it's new Autumnal date were 8 Gazelles. Rowena Leary continued her fantastic run of form by coming in as 2nd lady overall in 40.27. Tom Hutchings then followed in 44.26, Alan Butterworth, 48.51, Anne Ellen, 49.03, earning her first in age, Gavin Douglas, 50.46, Charlie Wootton, 51.20, Robert Whalen, 54.04 (welcome to Gazelles Robert!) and Lisa Netto, 54.41.

    Well done to all.
    Top of page

  • Dublin Marathon - 31st October

    Well done to Elvis, AKA Mark Fitch for gaining a marvellous PB in this weekends Dublin marathon. 4.37.44, really got his blue suede shoes shaking all over !!

    Top of page

  • Norfolk Coastal Marathon - 30th October

    Sand, shingle, dunes, sugar beet and celery fields sum up this trail marathon! 10 Gazelles took on this challenge, which finished with a lap of Yarmouth Stadium, with Jason Brunt making a fantastic 8th place in 3.34.33. Hot on his heels was Phil Whiting in 4.10.02. Sam Barwick and Nigel Bullen came in next in 5.52.51 with Julie London, Amelia Whiting, Hannah Monteverde and Mimi Waters flapping their bat wings in at 6.54.31. Bex Gooch and Carol Baker struggled with injury and had to pull out at 19 miles, but were awarded medals for the half marathon, well done ladies !! Top of page

  • Ian Thomas stars at Spartathlon - 30th October

    One we missed from earlier...Ian Thomas went back to Greece for the second year to compete in the ultra-gruelling Spartathlon (153 miles, in the baking heat of the day and then over mountains in the cold of the night, with punitive cut-off times to reach checkpoints by). He not only substantially bettered his time from last year, with an amazing 29:14:36 (first British runner and 29th overall), but set a record for the fastest ever British runner over 55 (and the 10th fastest British runner irrespective of age).
    Results ... Top of page

  • Get. South Run - 23rd October

    Two travelling Gazelles journeyed to this 10 mile course, Andrew Hammond came home in 1.16.19 while Carol Cooper gained a PB in 1.30.29.

    Well done both of you
    Top of page

  • Abingdon Marathon - 23rd October

    A very quiet and rather secretive Mr Tim Sexton completed this marathon in a very hush, hush manner! Having been disappointed last year due to injury, Tim completed this course in a fantastic 3.09. Awesome effort! Top of page

  • Holt 10k - 23rd October

    It was lovely to see so many Gazelles out in the beautiful North Norfolk countryside for our last target race of the year. Starting and finishing at Greshams school the course covers an undulating course (hilly!) with some cross country sections. First home was Jason Brunt, 40.33, which should see him collect some silverware in the Leathes Prior Grand Prix. Next in was Rowenna Leary, 40.48, earning first place for the ladies race. Following her was Ady Waters, 41.02, Dudley Garner, 47.33, Dan Jones, 49.47, Sarah Knapp, 55.32, (Pb). 

    Julie London, Sam Barwick, Nigel Bullen, Lisa Netto, Carol Baker, Mimi Waters and Carol Betts then ran in with Jenny Burfoot to commemorate and remember her greatly missed husband Roy. It was a privilege to share this moment with her.
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  • Amsterdam Marathon - 16th October

    We've had a number of Gazelles flying the flag overseas this year. The latest is Jo Drugan, who completed the Amsterdam Marathon in 4:33:58. Well done, Jo!
    Top of page

  • Autumn 100 Miler - 16th October

    Well done to Phil Whiting for flying the Gazelle flag in this extreme 100 mile race. He finished in a time of 23.01 hours. An awesome effort!! Top of page

  • East Coast 10k - 16th October

    Well done to a very successful group of Gazelles. First Gazelle home was Nigel Arnold in 37.23, 10th position overall. Right behind him was Ali Robinson, 38.05, Dale Hurran, Sam Thelwell, Tom Hutchings and Tim Woods also recorded excellent times. Top of page

  • Marriott Way 10k - 9th October

    Well done to the 4 Gazelles who ran in this race. Sam Thelwell was first home  in in a time of 40.21 followed by our new Gazelle Louise Hurr, 47.59. Louise not only got a PB but won her age group. Good on you girl!!! Graham Hardingham was next in, 50.52,  with Imogen "Moggy" Lees close on his heels at 51.52. Top of page

  • Royal Parks Half Marathon - 9th October

    Well done to Emily Smith for completing her first half in a time of 2.00.56. Running for "Tommy's" a fantastic job all round. Rowenna Leary also had a good day at the office and came in under 1.30 for the first time. Fabulous work ladies. Top of page

  • Peterborough Half Marathon - 9th October

    This well supported, flat course saw Ali Robinson come in on 1.26.57, closely followed by Steve Sadd in 1.36.54. Our Ladies Cpt then did us proud by gaining a PB of 1.55.09 followed by Justine Davenport, running her first half in 2.06.57. Peter Rice and wife, Joanne came in in 2.14.20. This was Joanne's first race not only her first half....a new Gazelle I feel!

    Well done everyone.
    Top of page

  • Lincoln Half Marathon - 2nd October

    Four Gazelles took on this challenge. Tom Hutchings came in first in 1.49, closely followed by Alan Butterworth and Andrew Hammond, 1.50 then First Lady Bex Gooch, 2.22. Well done all. Top of page

  • Southend 10k - 2nd October

    Well done to Dan Jones for representing Gazelles in this race. He came in a superb time of 49.15. Nice one Dan!! Top of page

  • Nelson Knee Knobbler - 2nd October

    Well done to Phil Whiting for taking part in this wonderfully names challenge. He came a commendable 4th in a time of 53 minutes. Top of page

  • Lowestoft Half Marathon - 2nd October

    Well done to Michael Eccles for winning this race in a time of 1.15.31, earning him a nice mention in the EDP! Also running were Ian Coxhead, Anne Ellen, Tim Cook, Emma Jay, Marianne Page and Beccy Parke. Anne's time of 1:45:39 (just outside her PB) made her first F60+, but she was actually first woman over 50, and only 6 seconds slower than the F45 winner!
    Results ... Top of page

  • Mablethorpe Marathon and Half Marathon - 2nd October

    A day of mixed fortunes in this flat, quiet race. Wind speeds of 22mph didn't hinder Ady Waters in gaining a PB of 6 minutes coming in at 3.39.56. Nigel Bullen followed closely behind in 4.25.54. Sam Barwick and Mimi Waters gallantly battled the wind for the first lap of the marathon but due to injury and illness decided the half was enough on this occasion. Next time girls!! Carol Baker and Sue Moore also ran a respectable half. Top of page

  • Round Norfolk Relay - 17th September

    Well, the first time Norfolk Gazelles have entered 2 teams for this endurance race was certainly very memorable! Team Black led the charge from Lynnsport with a start time of 6am. Steve Sadd ably battling gale force winds and horizontal rain! Team Red began their campaign at 9.30 when the weather had made a slight change for the better.

    17 stages and nearly 200 miles later Team Red came in at 23.46.58 securing them 11th place overall, 5th in their club class. Just behind them were Team Black in 29.03.30 earning them 3rd place in their mixed class. Special mention to Rowenna Leary who won second place for stage 4 while Nigel Arnold gained overall 2nd for his age-related time. Dale Hurran was 12th with John Moore 15th. Not bad considering the total number of runners. First age-related place for Team Black goes to their anchor man Ady Waters.

    Thank you to all support crew and Wells marshalls as well. 

    Top of page

  • Great North Run - 11th September

    2 gallant Gazelles took on the largest half marathon in the world. Karl Walker finished just behind Mo in 1.38 with Tom Hutchings just behind. Top of page

  • Lowestoft Scores Race - 11th September

    This very hilly challenge was won by our own Michael Eccles in 26.26. He was followed by Phil Whiting, 31.20, Jason Brunt, 33.12 and Matt Wigg 33.40. Well done guys! Top of page

  • Wissey Half Marathon - 4th September

    Seven Gazelles took on this local half near Oxborough Hall. Ali Robinson was fourth overall and first Gazelle home in 1.20.52 followed by John Moore, 1.23.54, Jason Brunt, 1.34.10, Rowena Leary, 1.43.44, Dudley Garner, 1.44.54, Nick Ross, 1.46.59 and Jo Drugan, 2.02.36. Fantastic effort everyone!! Top of page

  • Liverpool to Leeds Canal Race - 28th August

    A huge well done to Ian Thomas for winning this incredible ultra in 24.28 (hours!!). A fantastic effort which was obviously helped by a big Gazelle hug from Ladies Capt Julie London!! Well done, you're an inspiration to us all. Top of page

  • Dereham Town 5k - 28th August

    A turn out of 8 Gazelles took on this flat, fast, town centre run. First Gazelle home was Karl Walker, 19.26, nice to see you back from injury. Next in was Chris Moore, 20.35, Andrew Hammond, 22.10, Peter Rice, 24.04, Dudley Garner, 24.05, Kirsty Freezer, 26.21, Sue Moore, 26.29 and Jenny Burfoot, 29.29, also lovely to see you racing again Jenny. Many age prizes won with Chris, Sue and Andrew taking home some silverware. Top of page

  • Clacton Half Marathon - 21st August

    John Moore ventured down to the Essex coast to run the very windy Clacton-on-Sea Half Marathon, coming 3rd in a time of 1:23:39.
    Results ... Top of page

  • Reepham 10k - 21st August

    6 Gazelles took on this multi-terrain rural 10k. Despite the windy conditions Jason Brunt was first Gazelle home in 43.48, closely followed by William Wilson, 46.58, Dudley Garner, 51.58, Lisa Netto ( as part of her 40th birthday challenge!), Sam Barwick, 55.03 and Justine Davenport, 57.19, a huge PB! Top of page

  • Great Yarmouth Half Marathon - 14th August

    Four Gazelles took on this challenge with Jeremy Rogers coming home first (1.23, second place in the M40-44 category), closely followed by Jason Brunt (1.38), Peter Rice (1.59) and Sue Moore (2.19). Well done everyone. Results ... Top of page

  • Run Norwich 10K - 7th August

    On a hot and windy Sunday morning, 30 Gazelles took on the new and rather hilly Run Norwich 10k route. John Moore was first Gazelle home in 19th place, winning the M55-59 category, with Nigel Arnold coming 2nd in the same category. In a great day for the Gazelles, Anne Ellen won the F60-64 category, Steve Rolfe won M60-64 and Helen Mian was 2nd F45-49.
    Top of page

  • Ipswich Twilight 5K - 5th August

    Alistair Robinson and John Moore travelled to Ipswich for the Twilight 5K race, through the streets of the town. Despite warm conditions, both got season's best times, Ali with 17:18 and John with 17:26. This was a time-limited race (22 minutes), with an incredibly strong field - the winner, Chris Thompson, ran a time of 14:05, just 2 seconds outside the fastest 5K time nationally this year.
    Results ... Top of page

  • Worstead 5 miler - 29th July

    On a very hot and humid Friday night 20 Gazelles took on this rural course. Michael Eccles retained his title from last year, winning the race in a time of 26.55 (earning him a lovely picture in the EDP!), closely followed by Tim Sexton, 30.51, Ady Waters, 34.19, Dudley Garner, 34.40, Pete Thompson, 34.50, Steve Sadd, 35.43, Rowena Leary, 36.04, Andrew Hammond, 36.30, Nick Ross, 36.42, Jason Kelf, 37.42, Anne Ellen, 38.44, Imogen Lees, 41.09, Nigel Bullen, 42.32, Maria Hughes, 43.22, Lisa Netto, 43.32, Sam Barwick,43.36, Julie London, 44.36, Michelle Waters, 45.42, Carol Baker, 45.49 and Carol Cooper, 45.52. Many age prizes gained. Well done everyone! Results ... Top of page

  • Wroxham 5k Series, Race 2 - 21st July

    This rearranged race took place in rather different weather conditions than the previous attempt! 21 Gazelles ran with Jeremy Rogers first home in 17.25. Jeremy was closely followed by John Moore, 17.29, Nigel Arnold, 17.47, Dale Hurren, 18.40, Tim Sexton, 18.37, Phil Whiting (rather a shorter race than his last!), 18.42, Ady Waters, 20.18, Jason Brunt, 20.32, Pete ( 2 races in 2 days) Thompson, 20.55, Kevin Hardingham, 21.09, Rowena Leary, 21.36, Andrew (4 races in 5 days) Hammond, 22.25, Hannah Dennis, 22.45 (PB), Steve Sadd, 22.45, Graham Hardingham, 23.15, Julie London, 26.39, Carol Cooper, 27.49, Mimi Waters, 28.21, Carol Baker, 28.32, Emma O'Kelly, 34.48 and Sally Cazier, 34.52. 

    Many age category prizes were won which will be added on publication. Well done everyone!
    Results ... Top of page

  • Bungay series, Race 3 - 20th July

    On a very hot and humid night 4 Gazelles took on the final race of this series. Pete Thompson was first home in 44.28, winning his age category. Les Hill was next in, 47.54, followed by Andrew Hammond, 48.35 and Lisa Netto, 56.01.  Top of page

  • Great Newham 10K - 17th July

    Andrew Hammond was the only Gazelle running the Great Newham 10K in a hot and humid London. He finished in a time of 48.45. Results ... Top of page

  • Samphire Hoe Challenge - 17th July

    Phil Whiting took on this 24hr, 100 mile race which comprised laps around a very hot reservoir. He amazingly completed the course in 19hrs 28mins to take 1st place in his age category. An inspiration to us all! Top of page

  • Ekiden Relay - 17th July

    This beautiful, but incredibly hot, relay took place at Woodbridge School, Suffolk. For the first time we were able to enter 4 teams. First home in 2.38.45 were the Men's Open Team winning them 5th overall. The Men's Vets came in at 3.07.52 (11th) with the Ladies Vets 3.41.43 (gaining 12th). Our Mixed Team came in at 3.43.20. (45th place, there were more teams in this category!). Well done everyone and a special thank you to Julie and Steve for organising, driving and catering. Top of page

  • Harling 10K - 10th July

    6 Gazelles ran the Harling 10K. First home was Tim Sexton, in a time of 39:14. Also running were Jason Brunt, Karl Walker, Stephen Corbould, Hannah Dennis and Julie London.
    Results ... Top of page

  • Wroxham 5k Series, Race 3 - 6th July

    14 Gazelles ran in the 3rd race of the 5k series. Mike Eccles was 1st Gazelle home in 15.48 with prizes for Helen Mian, Anne Ellen, Mike Eccles, Nigel Arnold, Dale Hurren and Steve Rolfe. Top of page

  • Holkham 10k - 3rd July

    4 Gazelles took part in this Summer 10k. Andrew Hammond was 1st Gazelle home (47.18) followed by Tim Woods (51.48), Graham Hardingham (53.55) and Maria Hughes (55.13). Top of page

  • Lord Mayors 5k - 2nd July

    Only one Gazelle took on the challenge of this sub-20 minute, city 5k race. Well done to Phil Whiting who came in at 19.26.  Top of page

  • Bungay 10k Race 2 - 29th June

    7 Gazelles undertook this half-road, half-trail 10k. Michael Eccles came in 1st (34.11) followed by Jason Brunt (43.23), Pete Thompson (43.54), Andrew Hammond (46.28), Tim Woods (49.08), Beth King (52.22) - PB, and Lisa Netto (53.29). Well done everyone, 3rd in the series later in July. Top of page

  • Humpty Dumpty 10k - 26th June

    36 Gazelles ran a rainy 10k on Sunday for this years Humpty Dumpty - 7% of the entire field! Also a Grand Prix and County Championships race there were some excellent times and medals gained. Jeremy Rogers was first Gazelle home in 36.32 winning him 2nd place in his age group and CC silver. John Moore (37.01, CC gold) and Nigel Arnold (39.36, CC silver) were 1st and 2nd in their age group with Jason Rix (38:23, CC silver in V45-45)  and Pete Thompson (44.53, CC bronze in V60-64) also gaining recognition. Anne Ellen (47.19) also won her age group and CC gold, with Katherine Trehane (42.33) being the first lady Gazelle home. The mens vets team prize and CC gold was won by Jeremy Rodgers, John Moore, Jason Rix, and Tim Sexton, while the Ladies Senior CC bronze team prize was won by Katherine Trehane, Emma Jay and Hannah Dennis. Well done to all for making this such a fantastic target race for the club. Top of page

  • Brian Bromley Handicap Race 2 - 20th June

    Here are the provisional placings after the second of the Brian Bromley Handicap 5K races in Eaton Park, run on a rather warm, muggy evening.  Provisional Placings ... Top of page

  • Stowmarket 5 - 10th June

    Andrew Hammond was the only Gazelle running the Stowmarket Friday 5, a 5 mile off road race at Haughley Park that was mainly through the woods at the park.  He finished in a time of 38.51. Results ... Top of page

  • Brian Bromley Handicap Race 1 - 6th June

    Here are the provisional placings after the first of the Brian Bromley Handicap 5K races in Eaton Park. Les Hill might not have brought up the rear if someone (who?) hadn't told him it was 5 times over the bridge (it was actually 4) - but life can be harsh at times.
    Provisional Placings ... Top of page

  • Alistair Robinson 5th at Mike Groves 10K - 5th June

    Alistair Robinson grabbed 5th place in a PB time of 36:15 at Colitishall Jaguars' Mike Groves 10K race, run on a new fast flat course around RAF Coltishall. Anne Ellen also got a PB, in a time of 47:01, and was first lady in the 60-64 age group. Also running were Nick Ross,  Rick Voutt, Peter Rice, Graham Hardingham, Carol Baker, Susan Moore and Kirsty Freezer.
    Results ... Top of page

  • Stour Valley Marathon - 5th June

    Three Gazelles raced in this beautiful but demanding trail marathon in the Stour Valley. Jason Brunt came in 6th place and Nigel Bullen and Sam Barwick ran together to come in in just under 6hrs. Due to the length of the race it actually lists as a trail ultra, 27.5miles. Top of page

  • Bungay Summer 10K, Race 1 - 1st June

    5 Gazelles turned out for the first of the Bungay Black Dog's regular Summer Series Wednesday evening 10K races, although it certainly didn't feel very summery on a cold, windy evening. John Moore was first Gazelle home, 3rd place overall and first V50 in 37:25. New Gazelle Beth King knocked 5 minutes off her PB with 53:32, and Ian Edwards ran a season's best 44:56. Also running were Pete Thompson and Andrew Hammond.
    Results ... Top of page

  • Rowena Leary in Bhutan - 29th May

    Some Gazelles content themselves with running marathons in places like Luton. Not Rowena, though - places like Easter Island are more her style. This time she's been off to Bhutan, running the Himalayan Kingdom Marathon - in which she came an impressive 2nd lady! She described the course as very tough, but that's not surprising - no matter how many lunchtime reps you do up Gas Hill, it's difficult to prepare adequately for the Himalayas in Norfolk.
    Top of page

  • Peter Rice runs Buxton Half - 29th May

    Buxton, Bhutan - both pretty hilly. Peter Rice, another of our Gazelles on tour, ran a fine time of 2:08:52 at the Buxton Half Marathon.
    Results ... Top of page

  • Jason Brunt 6th in Weald Challenge Trail Ultra - 29th May

    Ian Thomas and Phil Whiting weren't the only Gazelles running ultras at the weekend - Jason Brunt ran the Weald Challenge Ultra Trail 50K on Sunday, and claimed 6th place (same as last year but in a much larger field this year) in a time of 4:41:16.
    Results ... Top of page

  • Ian Thomas 3rd, Phil Whiting 24th in GUCR - 28th May

    Ian Thomas did an amazing run on the 145 mile long Grand Union Canal Race from Birmingham to London, taking 3rd place in a time of 27:43. This is only an hour or so slower than what was the course record until last year, which makes it all the more remarkable. A little further back, but still in an impressive 24th place out of the 52 who made it to the finish (98 started) was Phil Whiting, in a time of 35:34. How these guys do it at all beggars belief, let alone in fast times.
    Results ... Top of page

  • Mens Vets prize at the 3rd Yarmouth 5 miler - 25th May

    The Gazelles picked up the mens vets team prize again at the 3rd of the Yarmouth 5 mile series - John Moore (28:54), Steve Rolfe (29:40) and Nigel Arnold (29:47). John also won the 55-59 age category prize. There were PBs for Carol Baker (again!) and Sarah Knapp.
    Results ... Top of page

  • 4 Gazelles Chase the Train - 22nd May

    Michael Eccles was first place at Chase The Train this Sunday, finishing in 49.00, almost 2 minutes in front of second place. Other Gazelles running were Emily Smith - 1.26.22, Emma Jay - 1.26.24 and Vicky Scaife - 2.07.40 Chase The Train results ... Top of page

  • Manchester 10k - 22nd May

    Anne Ellen was the only Gazelle who ran the Manchester 10k, finishing in 47.42.  Manchester 10k results ... Top of page

  • Jason Brunt wins Thorpe Forest 10k - 22nd May

    Jason Brunt finished in 1st place out of 45 runners in 39.54 at the 3rd in the series of Thorpe Forest 10k, back under 40 minutes !! Thorpe Forest 10k Results ... Top of page

  • 19 Gazelles race Wroxham 5K - 18th May

    An impressive 19 Gazelles turned out to run the well-attended first race of the Wroxham 5K series, under generally good if slightly humid conditions. First home was Alistair Robinson in a time of 17:22 (likely to be revised down by 3-4 seconds when a chip timing problem is corrected), followed by John Moore in 17:37, winning the 55-59 age group . Also winning their age categories were Helen Mian, first 45-49 with 20:06 and Anne Ellen, first 60-64 with 23:21. Phil Whiting earned himself a new PB with 18:27 - all he has to do now is keep up that pace for another 141.9 miles and he'll run a stormer at the forthcoming Grand Union Canal Race. PBs also for Hannah Dennis, over 2 minutes off her previous PB finishing in 23.28, and Carol Baker in 26.54, and Emma O'Kelly completed her first race as a Gazelle in 31.46.
    Wroxham 5K results ... Top of page

  • Good turnout at 2nd Yarmouth 5 miler - 11th May

    Jeremy Rogers was 1st Gazelle home in 28.50 & 3rd m40, 1st Lady home was Rowena Leary in 36.35. John Moore was 1st m50 in 28.53 , Nigel Arnold was 2nd m50 in 29.00. Steve Rolfe was 1st m60 in 31.54. Other Gazelles running were Ali Robinson, 29.47, Jason Brunt 31.53, Matthew Wigg 32.13, Sam Thelwell 32.30, Ian Edwards 35.59, Dudley Garner 36.29, Karen Rix 37.25(PB), Anne Ellen 38.25, Carol Cooper 44.02, Sally Cazier 56.10. GYRR 5 Mile Results ... Top of page

  • Big turnout for Dereham 10 mile - 8th May

    24 Gazelles turned out for a very hot & humid Dereham 10 miler... Jeremy Rogers was first Gazelle home & 2nd in his age in 7th place, in 1.02.50, first lady Gazelle was Helen Mian & 1st in her age & Gold CC in 1.15.46. John Moore won his age with gold CC, Anne Ellen was 2nd in age with silver CC & Carol Betts was 3rd with bronze CC. Andrew Hammond won bronze in the 60-64 category, and Carol Baker got an amazing pb, almost 5 minutes!! Other Gazelles racing were Jason Brunt, Ady Waters, Rowena Leary, Tim Cook, Tom Hutchings, Andrew Hammond, Tim Woods, Dudley Garner, Alan Butterworth, Karen Rix, Steve Corbould, Andy Walter, Maria Hughes, Beccy Parke, Julie London, Susan Moore, Carol Cooper & Michelle Waters. The men's vet team won a bronze medal and ladies vet team won a silver medal.
    Dereham 10 results ... Top of page

  • Phil Whiting runs Halstead Marathon - 8th May

    Phil Whiting was the only Gazelle to run an incredibly hot Halstead Marathon finishing in 36th place out of 452, in 3.37.55 Halstead Marathon results ... Top of page

  • 13 Gazelles run Breckland 10K - 2nd May

    On an active Bank Holiday weekend for the club, 13 Gazelles ran the Breckland 10K at Croxton. First home was Jason Brunt with 40:40 (edging down to sub-40 territory again). Breckland 10K results ... Top of page

  • Nigel Arnold, John Moore run well at GEAR - 1st May

    Nigel Arnold was the first of 9 Gazelles running the Grand East Anglia Run 10K, taking 2nd place in the 50-59 category with an impressive season's best time of 36:06. John Moore took 3rd place in the same category with 36:18. First Gazelle lady was Hannah Dennis, with a PB time of 49:01. ... Top of page

  • Prizes at Great Yarmouth 5 Mile Series, Race 1 - 27th April

    In the first of GYRR's 5 Mile Series, in near ideal running conditions, Nigel Arnold (28:54) and John Moore (28:57) took first and second place in the M55-59 category, Steve Rolfe (29:28) won the M60-64 category and Rowena Leary (34:09) won second prize in the Senior Female category. GYRR 5 Mile Results ... Top of page

  • Big turnout for Virgin London Marathon - 24th April

    11 Gazelles completed the London Marathon, with an amazing 8 of them recording PBs. First home - in 87th place out of over 39,000 - was Michael Eccles, with a breathtaking time of 2:31:24. A little further back were Jeremy Rogers (2:43:13) and Mark Grubb (2:44:39, PB). There were also PBs for Jason Brunt (03:03:51), Ian Coxhead (03:22:26), Dudley Garner (03:39:00), Anne Ellen (03:58:53 - making up for having her sub-4 2015 Manchester result quashed because of course mismeasurement), Amelia Whiting (04:02:24), and Michelle Waters (04:58:38). Peter Rice and Sam Barwick also ran good times. Virgin London Marathon results ... Top of page

  • Brighton Marathon - 17th April

    Two Gazelles travelled to the Brighton Marathon - Mark Fitch, aka Elvis, ran 4.42.45 (a 17 minute PB) and Rebecca Gooch completed her first marathon in 4.51.18. Brighton Marathon results ... Top of page

  • Gazelles successful at Bungay Marathon - 17th April

    Gazelles grabbed 4 of the top 10 places at the bright and sunny Bungay Black Dog Marathon, led by Alistair Robinson in a highly impressive 2:56:42 which gave him 6th place in the race. Phil Whiting (8th, 3:04:48) and Jason Brunt (9th, 3:04:54) both got good PBs, while Ian Thomas was 10th with 3:06:12, winning the 50-59 prize. The mens' team of Alistair, Phil and Jason also won the team gold. Meanwhile Katherine Trehane won the award for 2nd lady in 3:27:01. Bungay Black Dog results 2016 ... Top of page

  • Karen Rix stars at East Coast Triathlon - 16th April

    Karen Rix managed to win her age group at the East Coast Triathlon by nearly 7 minutes. Also competing was Emily Smith, in her first triathlon. She came 4th in her category. East Coast Triathlon results 2016 ... Top of page

  • Dudley Garner in Cambourne 10K - 10th April

    Dudley Garner ran the challenging off-road Cambourne 10K near Cambridge, finishing a creditable 81st out of 878 in a time of 44:25. Cambourne 10K results 2016 ... Top of page

  • Jason Brunt, Ian Thomas run Sandy 10 - 10th April

    Also at the weekend, Jason Brunt and Ian Thomas travelled to Sandy, Beds, to run the annual 10 miler. Jason came 44th in a time of 1:05:52, with Ian coming in at 1:07:08 in 60th place. Sandy 10 results 2016 ... Top of page

  • Michael Eccles wins Croydon Half Marathon - 10th April

    Michael Eccles' amazingly successful running season continued with a win at the Croydon Half Marathon on 10th April, in a time of 1:14:15. He then went on to play his first cricket match of the season. This was the day after coming first in the Crystal Palace Parkrun... Croydon Half Marathon results 2016 ... Top of page

  • Gazelles run well at Manchester Marathon - 10th April

    Julie London (4:24:33) and Hannah Dennis (4:13:30) both knocked huge chunks off their PBs at the Greater Manchester Marathon on 10 April, while Carol Baker successfuly completed her first marathon in a time of 5:16:01. Manchester Marathon results 2016 ... Top of page

  • Michael Eccles, Nigel Arnold, win silver at National Masters 10K - 3rd April

    The British Masters 10K Road Championships were held at Stratford on 3rd April and Michael Eccles took 2nd overall and Silver in the V35-39 category with a time of 32:40: Nigel Arnold won Silver in the V55-59 class in 36:21. British Masters 10K results 2016 ... Top of page

  • Big turn out for Gazelles at Wymondham 20 Miler - 3rd April

    Thirteen Gazelles raced at the Wymondham 20 Miler. Michael Eccles was the first Gazelle, finishing 6th overall in 2:03:16, closely followed by Mark Grubb, 7th overall, in 2:03:47. Stephen Rolfe won the M60+ class in 2:16:21. Rowena Leary was the first lady Gazelle in 3:02:12. Wymondham 20 Mile results 2016 ... Top of page

  • Karen Rix races in Diss Duathlon - 3rd April

    Karen Rix competed in the Diss Duathlon - a 5K road run, a 30K road cycle and then a repeat of the 5K road run - and finished in 2:08:17. Diss Duathlon results 2016 ... Top of page

  • Michael Eccles wins Fakenham 5K - 27th March

    Michael Eccles won the Fakenham 5K in a time of 15:37. He was joined by Jason Brunt in his second race of the day, 19:40, and Pete Thompson, 21:24. Fakenham 5K results 2016 ... Top of page

  • 17 Gazelles at Trowse 10K, Helen Mian, Andrew Hammond win classes - 27th March

    Tim Sexton was the first Gazelle at the Trowse 10K finishing 2nd in the M40-44 class in a new PB of 38:30. Helen Mian was the first lady Gazelle, winnimg the F45-49 class in 42:44. Andrew Hammond was 1st in the M60-64 class in 47:36 and Ady Water was 3rd in the M45-49 class in 41:21. Trowse 10K results 2016 ... Top of page

  • Last race of the East Anglian Cross-Country season - 23rd March

    Katherine Trehane was the first lady Gazelle at the last EACCL race, finishing 3rd overaLL and 1st F35. Anne Ellen was 1st F60. Joe Hawes was 1st overall and 1st Mens Senior. Steve Rolfe was 1st M55, Andrew Hammond 1st M60, and Phil Whiting was 2nd M40. The other Gazelles racing were Pete Thompson, Dudley Garner, Kevin Hardingham and Nigel Bullen. EACCL Winners 2015/16 ... Top of page

  • 3 Gazelles at Stowmarket Half, Michael Eccles 2nd overall - 20th March

    Michael Eccles finished the Stowmarket Half Marathon in 1:13:23 to take 2nd place overall in a field of 397. Ian Coxhead (1:35:13) and Peter Rice (1:54:59) were the other Gazelles racing. Stowmarket Half results 2016 ... Top of page

  • 6 Gazelles at Mad March Hare, Phil Whiting 1st in class - 20th March

    Phil Whiting was first Gazelle at the Mad March Hare 10K, finishing 14th overall and 1st in the M40-44 class in 38:04, a new PB. Karen Rix was the first lady Gazelle in 48:10. The other Gazelles were Rick Voutt (46:26, new PB), Graham Hardingham (50:03), Susan Moore (56:05) and Sally Cazier (1:10:12). Mad March Hare results 2016 ... Top of page

  • 13 Gazelles at Broadland Half, Jeremy Rogers 2nd - 13th March

    Jeremy Rogers was the first Gazelle at the Broadland Half, finishing 2nd overall and 1st M40-44 in 1:18:00. Helen Mian was the first lady Gazelle, winning the F45-49 class in 1:32:00 (new PB). John Moore was 1st in the M55-59 class in 1:22:31, Anne Ellen was 1st in the F60-64 class in 1:46:32 and Carol Betts was 2nd in the same class in 1:50:27. Broadland Half results 2016 ... Top of page

  • Gazelles win prizes at last of Ryston Cross-Country Series - 13th March

    Mike Eccles won the last in the Ryston Cross-Country series in a time of 20.57 for the 6.5K course. Nigel Arnold won the M55-59 class. Andrew Hammond was the other Gazelle racing. Ryston cross-country series race 6 results 2015/16 ... Top of page

  • 6 Gazelles at 9th EACCL Cross-country - 9th March

    Joe Hawes was 4th overall, 3rd senior male, in the 9th of the EACCL series, held at Nowton Park. Steve Rolfe was 1st M55, Nigel Bullen 2nd M60 and Phil Whiting 4th M40. Katherine Trehane was first lady Gazelle, and 1st F35, Anne Ellen was 1st F60. EACCL Cross-Country Series Race 9 results 2015/16 ... Top of page

  • Rowena Leary runs PB at Paris Half Marathon - 6th March

    Rowena Leary finished the Paris Half Marathon in a new PB of 1:33:29. Paris Half Marathon results 2016 ... Top of page

  • 17 Gazelles at Cambridge Half, Michael Eccles 2nd! - 28th February

    Michael Eccles was the first Gazelle at the Cambridge Half Marathon finishing 2nd out of over 5,000 finishers in 1:10:04. Rowena Leary was first lady Gazelle in 1:33:41. The other Gazelles racing were Mark Grubb (1:15:49, new PB), Tim Sexton (1:24:17), John Moore (1:24:26), Jason Brunt (1:27:15), Ian Coxhead (1:29:15), Stephen Sadd (1:34:15), Dudley Garner (1:37:02), Karen Rix (1:47:25), Tim Woods (1:47:27), Hannah Dennis (1:52:47), Julie London (1:55:15), Peter Rice (1:56:50), Sam Barwick (2:02:45), Michelle Waters (2:06:59) and Sally Cazier (2:36:35). Cambridge Half Marathon results 2016 ... Top of page

  • 9 Gazelles at 8th EACCL Cross-country - 24th February

    Joe Hawes was 3rd overall in the 8th of the EACCL series, held at Bacton Woods. Steve Rolfe was 1st M55 again, Andrew Hammond 1st M60, and Nigel Bullen 2nd M60. Amelia Whiting was first lady Gazelle, and 1st F35. The other Gazelles racing were Ali Robinson, Dudley Garner, Pete Thompson and Dale Cooper. EACCL Cross-Country Series Race 8 results 2015/16 ... Top of page

  • 4 Gazelles at Valentine 10K, Nigel Arnold wins class - 14th February

    Not surprisingly, there were just 4 Gazelles at the club's own race, the Valentine 10K. Nigel Arnold won the M55-59 class in 36:55, 11th overall. The other Gazelles were Jason Brunt (40:46), Sam Thelwell (43:07) and Karen Rix (49:51). Valentine 10K results 2016 ... Top of page

  • 13 Gazelles at 7th EACCL Cross-country - 10th February

    Joe Hawes was 3rd overall (2nd senior) in the 7th of the EACCL series, held at Blickling Country Park. Phil Whiting was 1st M40, Steve Rolfe 1st M55, Andrew Hammond 2nd M60, and Nigel Bullen 3rd M60. Katherine Trehane was first lady Gazelle, 3rd overall and 2nd F35. Helen Mian was 2nd F45, Anne Ellen was 1st F60 and Carol Betts 2nd F60. The other Gazelles racing were Amelia Whiting, Ali Robinson, Pete Thompson and Graham Hardingham. EACCL Cross-Country Series Race 7 results 2015/16 ... Top of page

  • Michael Eccles, Andrew Hammond, race at 5th Ryston Cross-Country - 7th February

    Michael Eccles won the 5th Ryston cross-country, finishing in 28:20 for the 8.5K course. Andrew Hammond was the other Gazelle racing, finishing in 40:39. The last race in the series is 13th March (6.5Km). Ryston Cross-Country series Race 5 results 2015/16 ... Top of page

  • Gavin Douglas races in Watford Half - 7th February

    Gavin Douglas travelled to Watford to race in the Watford Athletics and Harriers Half Marathon and finished in 2:22:22. Watford Half Marathon results 2016 ... Top of page

  • 29 Gazelles at Freethorpe 10 Mile - 31st January

    There was a great turn out of Gazelles at the Freethorpe 10 miler with class wins and lots of PBs. Jeremy Rogers was the first Gazelle, 4th overall and 1st in the M40-44 class in 58:17. Rowena Leary was the first lady Gazelle in 1:11:57. Nigel Arnold won the M55-59 class in 1:00:18 and Anne Ellen was 2nd in the F60-64 class in 1:20:14 (new PB). Freethorpe 10 Mile results 2016 ... Top of page

  • Jason Brunt runs PB in Folksworth 15 - 24th January

    Jason Brunt travelled to Yaxley near Peterborough to run in the Folksworth 15 and finished in 1:43:26, a new PB. Folksworth 15 results 2016 ... Top of page

  • 9 Gazelles race 6th EACCL Cross-country - 20th January

    Joe Hawes was 3rd in the 6th of the EACCL series, held at Shouldham Warren. Steve Rolfe was 1st M55, Andrew Hammond 1st M60, Phil Whiting 2nd M40 and Nigel Bullen 2nd M60. Katherine Trehane was first lady Gazelle, 2nd overall and 2nd F35. Carol Betts was 1st F60. The other Gazelles racing were Ali Robinson and Dudley Garner. EACCL Cross-Country Series Race 6 results 2015/16 ... Top of page

  • Stephen Rolfe, Dudley Garner, race in Benfleet 15 - 17th January

    The Benfleet 15 is a 15 mile challenging, undulating and multi-terrain course around Canvey Island and Hadleigh Downs. Stephen Rolfe was 3rd M60+ and 43rd overall in 1:49:20. Dudley Garner finished in 2:17:18. Benfleet 15 results 2016 ... Top of page

  • Joe Hawes only Gazelle at 3rd Horsford Cross-Country - 17th January

    Joe Hawes was the only Gazelle at the last in the NRR cross-country series at Horsford and finished 2nd. Joe was also 2nd overall in the series standings for all three races. Horsford Cross-Country Series Race 3 results 2015/16 ... Top of page

  • 14 Gazelles race 5th EACCL cross-country - 13th January

    Joe Hawes was 2nd in the 5th of the EACCL series, held at UEA. Jeremy Rogers was 3rd overall and 1st M40, Phil Whiting was 3rd M40. Steve Rolfe was 1st M55, and Andrew Hammond was 3rd M60. Katherine Trehane was first lady Gazelle, 3rd overall and 2nd F35. Anne Ellen was 2nd F60 and Carol Betts 3rd. The other Gazelles racing were Ali Robinson, Andrew Blanshard, Les Hill, Kevin Hardingham, Dudley Garner and Nigel Bullen. EACCL Cross-Country Series Race 5 results 2015/16 ... Top of page

  • Nigel Arnold, Andrew Hammond, race at 4th Ryston Cross-Country - 10th January

    Nigel Arnold was 1st in the M55-59 class at the fourth Ryston cross-country, finishing in 17:36 for the 5K course. Andrew Hammond was 4th in the M60+ class in 22:17. The next race in the series is 7th February (9Km). Ryston Cross-Country series Race 4 results 2015/16 ... Top of page

  • 32 Gazelles at Wymondham New Year's Day 10K - 1st January

    There was a great turnout of Gazelles at the New Year's Day 10K with several PBs. Jeremy Rogers was the first Gazelle finishing 1st in the M40-44 class and 10th overall in 35.27. Helen Mian was first lady Gazelle, 2nd in the F45-49 class in 42.02. Steve Rolfe was 1st in the M60+ class in 37:31, and Carol Betts was 2nd F60+ in 50:31. Wymondham New Year's Day 10K 2016 results ... Top of page