Round Norfolk Relay 2016

This year we have entered two mixed teams of 17 runners for the relay. If you would like to be part of the support team (driver, cyclist, timekeeper) please also contact Sam Barwick or Pete Thompson at

Team Pete Team Sam
1. Steve Rolfe
2. Jason Brunt
3. Emma Jay
4. Rowena Leary
5. Dudley Garner
6. Nigel Arnold
7. Dale Hurren
8. Amelia Whiting
9. Michael Eccles
10. Jeremy Rogers
11. Tim Sexton
12. Phil Whiting
13. Mark Grubb
14. John Moore
15. Helen Mian
16. Beth King
17. Ali Robinson
1. Steve Sadd
2. Hannah Monteverde
3. Emily Smith
4. Jason Kelf
5. Anne Ellen
6. Lisa Netto
7. Julie London
8. Imogen Lees
9. Helen Salmon
10. Steve Corbould
11. Andrew Hammond
12. Nigel Bullen
13. Chris Moore
14. Jason Rix
15. Sam Thelwell
16. Mimi Waters
17. Ady Waters
Super Subs  Ian Edwards, Sue Moore, Carol Cooper, Maria Hughes, Jenny Burfoot, Ian Thomas, Karl Walker, Peter Rice
Please go on the RNR website to check out your leg and route. It is your responsibility to know where you're going!! At the end of August we'll need your estimated time for your leg. Any problems please contact me via email.